Makoto Hanamiya

花宮 真

Also Known As:

  • Bad Boy

Age: 17 Birthday: January 12th Height: 179 cm Weight: 67 kg Team: Kirisaki Daīchi High Position: Point guard Talent: Steals First appearance Manga Chapter 84 Anime Episode 29 Hanamiya "Bad Boy" Makoto is one of Kirisaki Daīchi High's players and an Uncrowned King. He is known for his foul and underhanded play and is the cause of Teppei's knee injury last year. Makoto has a great influence on his teammates. He can develop an underhanded plan and make them execute them as asked. He uses dirty tactics to foul players out, sometimes even forcing them to stop basketball for some time. He is sometimes hypocritic about his tactics, but doesn't deny them either. When he gave the sign for Kiyoshi's "execution", he said to himself "Rest in peace", which gives him a very sinister appearance. He is also of the thought that whether it be genius or prodigy, once broken it will just be garbage. With this he means that it doesn't matter how good they are, if his team can break him, then it won't matter at all.He also doesn't like it when things don't go his way. Makoto's sadistic nature was further explained when Kuroko asked for his motives. He replied that he simply enjoyes the suffering of others. He says that he thinks it's fun when other people's hopes and dreams are crushed, and also likes to taunt Kuroko and Seirin in general. He also stated that he doesn't particulary wants to win that badly, with his foul methods, but that is was simply to make the other suffer. Even if his dirty plans don't work, he still has a weapon left, and that is his unexpectedly smart brain.