Makoto Sako

迫 真琴

Also Known As:

  • Mako-Mako
  • Sakocchi

Birthdate: November 2 Age: 26 Zodiac: Scorpio Height: 172 cm Weight: 53 kg Occupation: JP's Tokyo Branch Clerk Makoto seems to be frigid, strong, and serious woman. In reality, she is prone to doubting herself and has a good sense of manners. She is compassionate about helping and saving people to the point that, although being loyal to JP's, she questions the morality of their conduct. Makoto used to be a synchronized swimmer before an accident left her a scar that she's unable to perform. Her devotion to JP's comes from the fact that she believes that they saved her by giving her an opportunity to prove her worth when she gave up on herself. She dies in episode 12 while trying to protect Yamato from Alcor's attack.