Also Known As:

  • Cyberdoll Mami

Mami (Af-863LD-USNY), age 31, is from Cyberdyne's American branch and is a combination of both Japanese and American cultures (such has both a kimono and roller blades). She frequently has the habit of saying "Oh, my, my" when amazed. She arrives later to help Kazuya around the house, and is extraordinarily gifted at all domestic tasks, which causes May to be jealous. Even so, Mami tries to pair Kazuya and May up. She's an absolute genius in domestic skills and child care, and is later revealed to be the caretaker of Kazuya's descendant Takuya Saotome. Instead of shoes, she gets around on roller blades and is quite the skater. She is able to maneuver around traffic at high speeds, and can even skate on walls. (Source: Wikipedia)