Also Known As:

  • Golden Palm of Wishful Demands

Mammon is referred to as one of the most powerful Crimson Lords under Bal Masqué. His title is "Golden Palm of Wishful Demands" and the color of his flame is bright yellow. Mammon appears as a tall man of indistinguishable age. He wears a dark gray top hat, tailcoat and manteau. his clothing gives him a gentlemanly image. His clothes appear to be very similar to how a conductor of an orchestra or band would appear; fitting considering how the nature of his Unrestricted Spell. However, despite possessing good looks, his face has a peculiar feature: a pair of long fangs. His voice is described as "having a persistent charm", and speaks with a confident flair. As a member of Bal Masqué, Mammon is seen as a cool-headed leader, always able to present his opinions with dignity; he is seen as a person is calm and collected most of the time.