Mamoru Takamura

鷹村 守

Also Known As:

  • The Bear Slayer
  • Japanese Hawk
  • Lord of perverts

Birthday: July 7, 1969 Homeland: Tokyo, Japan Family: Takamura Suguru (older brother), Takamura Kyouka (older sister), Takamura Wataru (little brother) Occupation: Professional Boxer Weight Class: Middleweight (Currently), Junior Middleweight Height: 185 cm (6'1") Reach: 189 cm (74") Style: Hybrid Stance(s): Orthodox Stance, Brawling Stance, Hitman Style Current Affiliation: Kamogawa Boxing Gym Trainer: Kamogawa Genji He is a multi-weight class (currently middleweight) hybrid boxer affiliated with the Kamogawa Boxing Gym. He is the current unified WBC and WBA Middleweight champion and strongest known character in the series. Takamura is very hearty, rude and often behaves vulgarly. He is a loud arrogant boaster who tends to refer to himself as Ore-sama (a Japanese name suffix intended for people of great importance) and he rarely ever shows a shred of consideration towards other fighters after a loss. Takamura was discovered on the streets by Coach Kamogawa Genji, and his speed, power, and technique are all high-level to the point that he is capable of handling both In Fighters and Out Boxers without too much trouble. Unlike most characters in Hajime no Ippo, he has no special finishing blow, but every punch he has possesses killer destructive power. With the wild power to always force out any situation he claims will happen, he is a man who does everything he says he will. As the one who got Ippo, Aoki and Kimura into boxing, he is well respected at the Kamogawa Gym. Even though he constantly looks down on and ridicules their achievements, his unrivalled strength and the few moments his true kindness leaks out prevent them from losing their respect for him. Takamura loves to pick on his fellow gym mates, with Aoki usually the first on his list. Although he tends to get more serious when hearing about or training for his next match, he still finds the time to play pranks on everyone and goof around. He is the current WBC and WBA World Middleweight Champion and former WBC Junior Middleweight Champion. He was also the JBC Middleweight Champion, but relinquished it after 4 title defenses. He lives alone at the Ohta Inn apartment complex, and his room is littered with junk, old food, pornography, and even his Belts. He still lives there even after becoming World Champion, preferring a simple life. Takamura's one weakness is his arrogance and temper, as he is able to be easily provoked by many of his opponents, he also has in two occasions felt the compulsive need to finish his fights with 1-Hit KOs (Due to Miyata getting too much attention, and Ippo scoring a 1-Hit KO), which led to him almost losing against opponents a lot weaker than him. Like Miyata, Takamura is constantly struggling with weight control, so he is prone to losing stamina slightly quicker due to fighting in weight-classes below his natural weight. Aside from that the only times Takamura has been in trouble is when an opponent reads his attacks, but he just keeps trying until he finds a way to connect. In both his matches with Eagle and Bison, Takamura's right eye (or at least his field of vision on his right side) played a key role in his opponents gaining the upper hand. This suggests he may have a detached retina in his right eye, though this is not confirmed by the manga. The character for Taka (é·¹) in his name means hawk, and as a result he is sometimes nicknamed The Japanese Hawk by announcers and spectators (most notably during his matches against Brian Hawk and David Eagle). He lives alone at the Ohta Inn apartment complex, and his room is littered with junk, old food, pornography, and even his boxing belts. His pompadour hairstyle is his trademark. Current Record: Rank: C (WBC), C (WBA) Total fights: 24 Wins: 24 Wins by KO: 24 Losses: 0 Draws: 0