Man of Judas

Also Known As:

  • Zero

Called "ZERO = Mascchettiano" or "That guy/man" in Sora no Otoshimono he is an internationally wanted, Class-S criminal with a whopping $9.9 billion on his head. He's killed 20,000 people in three years. And he's been apprended zero times. He is just reffered as "That guy" or "pigeon guy" by Sakurai Tomoki and he always appears in summer when there is a festival, were he always has one prepared already with the name of "JUDAS" at the top. He is always shown with pigeons reffering how he is introduced in the JUDAS manga (a big cluster of pigeons over him). Also he likes to torture Tomoki with the president and he always ruins Tomoki's attempts to win a prize in any of the hosted tournaments.