Mana Kuzunoha

葛葉 真魚

Mana Kuzunoha is a character in the manga and anime series Tenjho Tenge. She is Shin Natsume's girlfriend, and a member of the Medical Club. Mana worked for Dougen Takayanagi and was assigned to be Shin Natsume's girlfriend. She was ordered to observe and collect data about him for the Takayanagi family. She helped Shin create the Katana group, to get even more data and make it less boring for Shin. Over time she began to truly love him, however she realized that he views his sister Maya Natsume more like a lover than a sibling. While she does truly love Shin, she still carries out the orders as intended. She watch is Shin very closely as she keeps 3 GPS trackers on Shin at all times and assigns her bodyguard Emi Isuzu to videotape him periodically. She uses her acupuncture skills as a member of the Medical Club to save the lives of most of Shin's opponents. As Dogen had plans to force Mitsuomi Takayanagi into fighting Shin, Mana plays her role. She starts an affair with Mitsuomi and actively spreads it around. She doesn't appear to actually like Mitsuomi, she does have respect for him as he is like herself. She does have a lot of faith in Mitsuomi, she believes he is the only one capable of stopping Shin when he loses control of himself. Bunshichi Tawara doesn't seem to like her very much, when he finds out she one of the conspirators to Dogen's plan. Maya also doesn't seem to like her, a feeling mutual, since Maya will always be number one to Shin.