Mana Tatsumiya

龍宮 真名

Seat Number: 18 Birthday: November 17, 1988 Clubs: Biathlon Club She is the daughter of the keepers of the Tatsumiya shrine (which is on campus), and works part-time there as a priestess and exorcist, employing guns with spellbreaker bullets as her tool of exorcism. She is also a mercenary, and mostly takes on contracts that pertain to hunting/destroying/exorcising demons and ghosts but will take on any job as long as she is paid well. She is not particularly sociable, keeping to herself most of the time and not engaging in conversation. She is a skinflint, and does not readily spend money unless she has to, or if there is a way to get a discount. When on the job, she is extremely serious and straightforward, which can make her seem cold-hearted and quite frightening. (Source: Wikipedia)