Mao Saitou

斉藤 マオ

Mao Saito is a high school boy with purple hair and greenish-golden eyes. He is best friends with Chika. He has a sister named Mako who is older than him and has the same eye and hair color as him too. He isn't as sure of what to do in the future as his friend, Chika, and his sister, Chiko, are. His hobby is to spend time with Chika, as Mao says over the phone when Chika asks him what his hobbies are. He is also pretty close to Chika's sister, Chiko since they both share a liking to anime and manga. Mao and Chika are sometimes thought of by other girls to be gay since they are so close that they are referred to as "two peas in a pod." Although he isn't as talkative as his best friend, Chika, he is really kind hearted to everyone especially Chiko by always encouraging her with her drawings and writings on manga. He likes Chiko (Chika's older sister), and tries to describe her to Chiko when she asks him, but she doesn't realize the girl he is talking about is her. Even Chika doesn't realize that Mao likes his sister.