Age: 14 Height: 164cm (5ft 5in) (in Trois- 170cm or 5ft 7in) Weight: 46kg (101lb 7oz) (in Trois- 52kg or 114lb 10oz) Eye Color: violet Hair Color: honey blond Birthday: February 27 Sign: Pisces Blood Type: B Origin: a forest planet Lineage: commoner (father runs a large farm) Family: grandparents, father, mother, uncle, aunt, 3 older sisters, older brother Nature of Sacrea: fertility, flourishing of plants and animals Messenger Came: age 13 Became a Guardian: age 14 Hobbies: growing plants, playing with animals, climbing trees Interests: looking at books of paintings Best Friend: Randy, Luva Worst Friend: none in particular Ideal Woman: a gentle person Favorite Scent: the smell of vanilla extract Favorite Item: toy bird Favorite Animal: small birds, small animals Favorite Drink: sweet cocoa Favorite Food: pudding, fruit pies (especially cherry pie), cream puffs Disliked Food: poultry, bell pepper, food with "children" A gentle boy who likes living things. He has a pet blue bird named Chupi.