Maria Viren


Nationality: Russia Age: 24 Height: 170 cm Weight: 56 kg Surgery Base: Rainbow Stag Beetle (Phalacrognathus Muelleri) Favorite food: Miso Soup Hobby: Drawing Maria Viren born in a poor town in Russia, she made a living prostituting herself out to the tourists. At the age of 15 she was adopted by a wealthy Taiwanese man, but when he died it was discovered he had left behind a lot of debts, so she joined the bugs project to pay them off. The DNA used in Maria's Bug Procedure came from the Rainbow Stag Beetle. In her bug form, her hands have beetle's carapace, which she can use for defence. However, despite the natural strength of the beetle's shell, it wasn't enough to protect her from the Terraformar's attack. (Source: Terra Formars Wikia)