Marie Claire


Birthplace: Ota-ku, Tokyo Birth date: December 24 Age: 16 Bloodtype: B Marie Claire is mysterious young girl with the ability to manipulate fire. She is always by Tendou Kodzunu's side, carrying the black cat, Mephisto. She works for Munetaka Yagyuu causing chaos to disrupt the Dragon Stream, but she was also sent by her master Yagyuu to observe Kodzunu and act as a messenger. She is devoted to Yagyuu, and is easily angered when he's insulted. Short-tempered and childlike, when she's enraged her eyes bulge, the bolts in her body screw out, and greenish fluid seeps out everywhere as her face contorts. She then releases a devastating blast that destroys her surroundings. In flashbacks in the second season, we learn that Claire was a science experiment while in middle school at the Rosenkreuz Academy, who were studying her bizarre ESP-like powers. She blows up the facility and escapes, being "rescued" by Yagyuu. Her Star of Fate is also finally revealed and explains the reason behind her pyrokinesis. Marie Claire is the Vessel of Suzaku, the Vermillion Bird, and one of the Four Gods to protect Tatsuma Hiyuu. Claire is a descendant of the character Honoka from the prequel game Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Gehouchou. Manga: In the original story, Marie Claire has no direct involvment with Tendou Kodzunu (game only) or Munetaka Yagyuu (game and manga). She is a shy, loving girl who escapes on her own from the Rosenkreuz Academy. She befriends Tatsuma on the streets, and the Magami teenagers help her thwart the scientists. Afterwards, she has a crush on Tatsuma, and becomes like a little sister to Aoi. (Source: Wikipedia, original video game data)