Martin, (voiced by Chika Sakamoto in Japanese and Cindy Robinson in English) was one of the boys Johan taught his "special game" to. The "game" went as following: two children would stand on the ledge of a building with their eyes closed and would walk toward one another; if they actually made it that far, they would then try to push the other off. The winners were the ones who lived, not just the ones who didn't fall. Martin ended up in the hospital after he failed to stay on the building's rooftop. He was frequently visited by Dr. Reichwein, but the psychologist often had to spend more time trying to comfort his mother than interacting with him. Dieter snuck into the boy's hospital room and the two of them wandered right out. While walking, Martin said that everything in the world was boring except for the "game," and tried to explain its procedure to Dieter. Dieter didn't really get it, so Martin took him up to a rooftop to explain it better, and in the process tried to force him to play a match. In response, Dieter said he'd never want to play a game like that because he cherishes life's simple pleasures and the people he knows far too much to risk losing it all in an instant. Martin almost fell off the roof after, but Dieter saved him; the boy then started realizing that he didn't want to die either and would stop playing the "game."