Masaharu Niou

仁王 雅治

Also Known As:

  • The Trickster

Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu 3rd Year Class: 3-B #14 Elementary: Unknown (Somewhere from the South) Birthday: 4th December [Born at 16:29] Height: 175cm Weight: 62kg Blood Type: AB Dominant Hand: Left Play Style: All rounder Shoes: YONEX POWER CUSHION21 WIDE 271 (SHT-271W) Racket: Prince MORE POWER 1150 S Special Move: Trick Play Family: Father, Mother, Older Sister, Younger Brother Father's occupation: Office worker (Construction) Favourite Subject: Mathematics Worse subject: Music Preferred type: Intelligent people Spends allowance on: secret Position in club: None Committee: None Most visited spot in school: Rooftop Favorite color: Blue Favorite food: Yakiniku (fried meat) Favorite movie: "8 1/2" Favorite book: Paradies der falschen Vögel (The Trickster's Paradise) Favorite music: Jazz Favorite Date spot: Sea Most wanted item now: Screw and driver (usage unknown) Daily routine: Preparation and review for class Dislikes/bad at: Heat Special skill aside tennis: Archery, gun-shooting games Niou is known as the Trickster of Rikkai dai, thus making him a very difficult opponent. Aside from being a skillful doubles player (alongside Yagyuu), Niou is also a strong singles player. He is the only player in Rikkai dai who has enough guts to go against Sanada's strict orders.He is able to completely copy the techniques and play style of other players, creating the illusion his opponent is facing another person. It isn't completely perfect, as there are moves that he cannot copy and he is limited by his own physical abilities. He often copies his doubles partner, Yagyuu, to confuse their opponents. He can predict the moves of his opponents up to ten steps ahead.