Masakazu Tougou

東郷 雅一

Also Known As:

  • Macaroni

Masakazu is 2-D's class representative who sees class 2-C as rivals. Despite his obvious self-confidence, his character leads him to rejections from his classmates. Some people around him usually refer to him with an alternate nickname "Macaroni," probably because he likes to put Italian words in his sentences. He has a tendency to burst into extremely long inspirational speeches either involving "facing challenges head on" or "how to be manly." As the series progressed, his self-confidence and passion for facing challenges "head on" have become so extreme that his actions and ideas often border on sheer-stupidity and often contain a startling lack of regard for the safety and well-being of others, like when he said that they should just charge the ocean liner the students (including himself) were in straight into a giant reef instead of going around it because it was "the manly thing to do." His appearance is often followed by the U.S. national anthem, because he also has the tendency to (subtly) refer to himself as an American, or at the very least, hint that he has lived in the U.S. when he was younger. He is a skilled sportsman and martial artist, similar to his main rival Hanai in that he takes such things very seriously. (Source: Wikipedia)