Masamichi Fujisawa


Current Age: 32 Birthdate: 1964 Height: 178 cm Masamichi Fujisawa is a history teacher at Shinonome High. Not known for his hygiene or concern for fashion, Fujisawa is a lanky man with a mop of scraggly dark hair atop his head and his face is peppered with the occasional stubble. Clothing wise, he tends to opt for comfort over style and thus is more likely to be seen wearing a warm-up suit over an Armani and sandals instead of Bruno Magli. However, while his dedication to his appearance may come into question, his devotion to his students and teaching cannot. He is definitely filled with school spirit and his dedication to his students can only be rivaled by his love for three things: 1. Smoking 2. Drinking 3. Mountain Climbing. (Source: El-Hazard Online)