Masataka Takayanagi

高柳 雅孝

Age: 16 Birthday: November 23 Zodiac: Scorpio Class: 2nd year student of Todo Academy Known relatives: Takayanagi Dougen (father), Takayanagi Mitsuomi (brother) He is the younger brother of Mitsuomi Takayanagi, but the two aren't on good terms. Masataka is your average high school student at first glance, but he is a surprisingly powerful martial artist. He is always a formidable fighter, but he becomes much more dangerous when he is serious or angered. He actually is easygoing and somewhat shy; however, his inner nature is perverted, even though he dislikes this part of himself. Masataka falls in love with Aya Natsume at first sight, but is disheartened when she falls in love with Souichiro Nagi instead. He has maintained a crush on her, yet is oblivious to the other girls who have a crush on him. After the incident at the bowling alley, he is greeted by some blushing girls from Todo Academy, he is seemly ignorant of their intentions. Aya describes him as the calm surface that gently envelops the rapids. Masataka is set up early as a great fighter, but is later ignored. At one point in the OVAs, SÅ�ichirÅ� refers to him as a supporting character. Despite being a great fighter, and one of the more powerful characters, Masataka is one of the most poorly treated characters. Because his elder brother is the president of the executive council, Masataka purposely joins the opposing Juken club. Soon after he meets Aya for the first time and falls in love with her, Masataka and Maya Natsume come across Bob Makihara and Souichirou. Bob is amazed someone can make Souichirou seem so helpless in a one on one fight, as Masataka beats up on Souichirou. Angered by this, Masataka says for the first time he actually feels like beating up Souichirou, and does another KI attack. Souichirou distracts him by using his "barrier," where he shoves the unwanted bento Aya made for him in Masataka's face. Masataka attacks Souichirou in a berserker rage who gives him a severe beating. Later in the series, for a while Masataka's only relevance was telling Bob what to do for training, but as Bob gets better he starts having sparring sessions with Masataka. As Bob starts to lose in his fight against the sword expert, Madoka Mawari, Masataka steps up and takes the fight for him. In his first move he actually places his hand on Bob's shoulder and blasts KI through him. A good display of Masataka's skill as Bob was uninjured by this. Masataka actually gets serious in this fight, saying he is angry "for the first time in a long time." This is when it is revealed he is an anti-weapons specialist. After defeating Madoka, and her subsequent release from Sohaku's manipulation jutsu, she falls in love with Masataka although he doesn't notice. Masataka was sitting on the curb with some others waiting to see how things turned out, as his brother and Maya went to rescue Souichiro from Sohaku. Now the tournament has finally started. Masataka's faith is placed correctly in Kagesada, as he defeats nearly the entire Jujutsu club himself. When the newly enhanced captain of the Jujutsu club arrives, Masataka notices she's fighting way different than she should be. She displays crude and brutish skill. Masataka notes she is renowned for having the most beautiful form in the school. He knows there is no way she should be fighting like that, but it doesn't seem he understands why she is. In the end the fight ends up a double KO so the Juken club wins the round. Later on, after hearing that his brother was fighting Bunshichi, Masataka storms the estate in order to stop the fight only to arrive too late. Mitsuomi, (who is still holding a seemingly dead Bunshichi) looks up to find a furious yet saddened Masataka. Before the battle ensues it is said by Hirohiko Myoun Kabane the third god, Tsukuyomi, is to revealed with the conclusion of this fight. Tsukuyomi is said to be the embodied spirit of the moon. The two then begin to fight, and after a volley of devastating blows Masataka lands an elbow strike on his brother with enough force that he is blasted away, blood churtling from his mouth. Mitsuomi is stunned at his brother's progress. Souichirou becomes Susanou, walking up to the floor where everyone is. After Mitsuomi challenge Souichirou, Masataka sits in the chair where Mitsuomi usually sits as the head of the Takayanagi clan, challenging Souichirou, not Susanou to a fight. He also announces that he wants to be the strongest. He promise him that he will be strong and face him in battle. In the battle versus Souichirou, Masataka is able to keep up with him in the beginning stages, but after a few attacks, he is heavily beaten (including a permanent scar across his face and his right hand and forearm being sliced by SÅ�ichirÅ�'s aura alone); however, he does not give up, landing at least one more blow full of KI which allows Aya and Maya (within Souichirou's soul) to push Reiki into Sohaku, negating his powers. He becomes the new president of the executive council and has replaced his right hand with one of Mataza's mechanical arms. The entire club thanks the now deceased Maya (who saved Souichirou from being taken over by his anger and negating his power completely) as things go back to what they once were. Techniques Uraate (è£�当ã�¦ lit. Backing/Reverse Strike): This is a fulcrum-based transference skill, an example of KI transmission that teaches one to shift the point and force of impact by striking the dead center of an object. At expert-levels, a practitioner can transmit the force of impact wherever they please, as long as a medium exists to transmit their power through. This technique forms the basis for most KI-based techniques used throughout the series. Ryuukei Qigong Tashinkou (é¾�形気功é�›é‡�功 lit. Dragon Qi, Forged Iron Needle): This technique is the greatest of secrets within the Takayanagi clan, passed down for generations. It is a technique which uses the fulcrum-based transference skill of Uraate to transmit the user's power through the air. This is achieved by collecting the rotational force of one's motion until it forms unto a needle, forged by their own KI. At that point, that collected atmospheric force would then be directed from the circular motion into a straight line (via punch), where it is sent barreling into the target. Hakka Soudou Shou (八掛å�Œæ’žæŽŒ lit. Eight Triagrams Double Pulsating Palms/Eight-Way Fracas Blast): A move that uses the palms to transfer momentum from the fighter to opponent in one fierce action, normally yielding incredible force. In the original Japanese translation, Souichiro comically refers to it as a Kamehameha, the signature technique of Dragon Ball's Son Goku. Shin'irikugou Bateihouken (心æ„�å…­å�ˆ • 馬蹄崩拳 lit. Heart & Mind, Six Harmonies: Trampling Horse Fist/Cosmic Thundering Horse Hoof Death Attack): This is a Beng Quan horse move (馬形; pinyin: mÇŽ xíng) throwing a punch from the drawn-arrow stance. The martial artist delivers an overhead smash, digging into the heart with wrist bent and elbow facing downward. The end result can lead to cardiac arrest from blunt trauma to the heart. Masataka was interrupted during his attempt on Souichiro. Allegedly, Japanese master Kenichi Sawai was fond of this technique. Shin'irikugou Taihoutenshi Tsuuhaiken (心æ„�å…­å�ˆ • 大鵬展翅通背拳 lit. Heart & Mind, Six Harmonies: Giant Phoenix Spreading Wings Over Back Fist/Heart & Earth, Giant Bird Wings Through Back Fist): This KI-based technique is fundamentally similar to the "Ryukei Qigong Tashinkou," but the martial artist transmits their KI through a solid medium (such as a tree, a concrete construct or even a living being) rather than air. Hakkashou Juushichishiki Kandouka (八掛掌å��七å¼�貫銅花 lit. Eight Binding Palms, 17th Variation Piercing Bronze Flower): A move that can pierce iron with the softness of a flower. Shin'irikugou Kongoutaihou (心æ„�å…­å�ˆé‡‘剛体法 lit. Heart & Mind, Six Harmonies: Tempered Diamond Body): A secret Chinese martial arts technique that enables the body to become as solid as diamond. It works by instantaneously concentrating the water in one's body to a certain area, since the strongest water pressure can stop even bullets. Masataka used this technique, stopping two of Emi Isuzu's anki, one with his palm and one with his forearm.