Mathilda Alster


Also Known As:

  • Matilda

She is a quite, good natured girl who lacks confidence, and it is shown she fears her coach Barthez. She was taught to believe that you must do anything to win a Beyblade match by her coach, but discovers that it's how you play that matters. Mathilda looks up to Miguel as their leader and shows respect for him. While she is generally quiet and has a mousey voice during the show, she put her all into her Beyblade matches. Mathilda's bitbeast is Pierce Hedgehog. Her Beyblade was however destroyed when Coach Barthez decided to destroy it during her Beyblade match against Daichi Sumeragi. Her attack is Poison Needle, and her Beyblade still is a combination of Attack, Defence and Endurance. During her Beyblade matches, when she launches her Poison Needle, she seems to grow butterfly wings, despite the fact that her bitbeast takes the form of a hedgehog. She felt that there was something wrong with him but she kept following his orders out of fear. When Miguel and other members start to stand up to Barthez, Mathilda also starts thinking on her own. Mathilda is also the unofficial little sister to the rest of her teammates. Mathilda's cheating move is to destroy her own Beyblade when in battle. (Source: Wikipedia)