May Wong

At first she aims to beat Sora in all aspect thus winning the main role in Dracula. She still aims to be better than Sora so she tries to win the Phoenix Ticket from Layla and becomes Leon's partner which she does and during the Circus Festival she realized something was missing from the Circus Festival which when she saw that Sora has entered with Yuri that the missing piece was Sora which fills her with ambition. Afterwards when Sora came back from her temporary stay from her home in Japan she becomes confused on what she's missing that Sora has and she doesn't and making Cathy and Layla her coach to obtain that missing piece. Through the car show with Mr. Kenneth she learns that Sora always watches the audience's reaction while she just watches either Leon or Sora's expression on how she does and she further learns more as the few ending episodes comes up and thus also starts caring about Rosetta's role in the production Swan Lake.