Maya Bryce


Also Known As:

  • Swirling Dance Fluorite

A Meister Otome, Column #5 of the Five Columns, the Swirling Dance Fluorite. She appears in ep. 24, meeting Akane in the middle of a road after Kazuya was carried away by Cardair's guards in order to become king. She arrested Akane, but let her crime slide so long as she created a contract with Kazuya, the new King of Cardair. However, she vows to watch over both of them and prevent them from having sex, which frustrates Akane and Kazuya. In the fifth special DVD episode, Akane addresses Maya as her "onee-sama" which suggests that perhaps Akane is Maya's former room attendant. Her Element is a pair of maracas that she can use to summon an immense creature composed of sand and earth that she can control by shaking her maracas and dancing. (Source: Wikipedia)