Harlock's only love interest, and quite possibly his wife, though this is only implied, not explicitly stated. Maya is the voice of Radio Free Arcadia, a pirate radio station which brings messages of hope and encouragement to the subjugated citizens of earth during the time of the Illumidas occupation. After Harlock's defeat and rout back to earth, she sends messages via the airwaves for him to escape earth by any means possible, that he might one day return as earth's savior, and in doing so she makes a marked woman of herself (even more than before) in the eyes of the Occupation force. Harlock gets shot up quite badly attempting to save her on one occasion, and loses his right eye in doing so. Maya creates Harlock's pirate uniform and the huge Jolly Roger he flies from the Arcadia as parting gifts for her love, but eventually dies by the hand of Muriguson for her part in the combined human/Tokargan revolt. Her symbol was a single red rose, and after her death, Emeraldas took up the rose as her own calling card. Harlock laid her to rest in the Sea of Stars, vowing never to forget her, and never to stop fighting. (Source: