Maya Natsume

棗 真夜

Age: 17 Birthday: August 20 Starsign: Leo Height: 170cm (normal), 72cm (chibi form) Weight: 49kg Three sizes: 92-53-84 (normal), 40-??-?? (chibi form) Blood type: B Family: Natsume Aya (younger sister), Natsume Shin (older brother) Positions: Current head of Jyuukenbu, shihandai and kaiden of Natsume Goushin Ryu, 3rd year student of Toudou Gakuen Fighting style: Natsume Goushin Ryu Special abilities: none Techniques used: Natsume Ryu Kouki Renhou Nijusan (Natsume Ryu Ki Moulding Technique Twenty-three) A busty third year student and the current leader of the Juken Club. She is very skilled in various martial arts, but does not possess the Dragon's Eye like her siblings. For this reason her father entrusted her with the cursed sword Reiki. Early in the series, she would use a body manipulation technique to revert to herself into her childhood form to conserve her ki. She also posses the Amaterasu Dragon Gate will nullifies Reiki's ki and also Shins. Shin will do anything to protect her. Her energy flow is anti-clockwise which gives her control over others whose flow is clock-wise. People with Amaterasu Dragon Gate are born every 400 years. (Source: Wikipedia, Ultrajump Magazine)