Maya Toomi

遠見 真矢

Age: 14, 19-20 (Exodus) Birthday: November 11 Maya is an amazing mix of compassion, genuine sweetness, and steel. She has a surprising inner strength as we see in how calmly she thinks under pressure, her willingness to defy authority when she feels it is in the wrong, and her selfless courage in defending her loved ones no matter the situation. She is also extremely observant and sees much more deeply into other people's feelings than they are often willing to show. Her sweet nature translates into an impressive battle persona of icy-calmness. She is the best sniper of the Fafner pilots and eventually becomes the pilot of Mark VII. Maya lives with her mother Chizuru and elder sister Yumiko, who are both doctors. They run a small hospital out of their house. Maya is very close friends with Hazama Shouko and seems to develop a crush on Kazuki over the course of the series.