Mayura Daidouji

大堂寺 繭良 / 大堂寺 まゆら

The main human character of the series: a pink-haired, red-eyed, 16-year-old, high school student obsessed with mysteries and the occult. Despite her love of strange cases, she never manages to find out who Loki is-- partly due to the fact that she has absolutely no sixth sense, despite being the daughter of a Shinto priest. Mayura also seems to have romantic feelings towards Loki near the end of the anime series, mostly by saying that he is a very important person to her. When Loki "disappeared" (actually he decided to go back to the world of the gods) Mayura looked everywhere for him, when "God" (adult Loki) granted her a wish she wished to see Loki even if it was for a last time. (Source: Wikipedia)