Mayura Ichikawa

市川 まゆら

Mayura is the overstressed accountant for the Gokujou Seitokai. She is usually busy trying to fit all the needs of the council into the budget, and has appeared in almost every episode working with an abacus. She is always pleading with the rest of the Executive members not to ignore her about the needs of the budget, but is not successful in getting them to listen until one episode centered on her. In short the rest of the Best Student Council,not including President Kanade, had forced a break up between Mayura and her boyfriend. It was justified since the man was known to date many girls at the same time. They then figured out she did it for her friend to see if he was a nice guy. But in order to keep Mayura happy,they all began doing nice things for her, the best thing being that making sure the budget was secure for the next month. (Source: Wikipedia)