Megu Kakizaki

柿崎 めぐ

Megu is a sickly girl (she has congenital heart disease in the anime, but the disease is not specified in the manga) who is Suigintou's medium. She lives in a hospital room, under constant care from nurses. Megu has a very bleak outlook on life and often prays for an "Angel of Death" to take her away. She sees herself as a burden upon her parents, who she claims are "guilty" of having her. She initially believes that Suigintou is the "Angel of Death" she has hoped for and requests that Suigintou kill her by draining away her energy. Despite her apathy (and, at times, contempt) towards life in general, she is quite needy, and increasingly desires Suigintou's company, even throwing tantrums when Suigintou is away. Megu's blatant disrespect towards her father is shocking to Suigintou, who would never consider such an attitude toward her own "Father." In addition to her manga appearances, Megu appears in Rozen Maiden träumend and briefly in Rozen Maiden öuverture. (Source: Wikipedia)