Megumi Kitagawa

北川 めぐみ

Also Known As:

  • Megu
  • Megu-tan

Height: 165 cm A teen model and transfer student who was placed in Yamato's class. She acts sweet but in reality is aiming for Yamato. Because of how she was treated as a child for being ugly and plain, she developed a hatred for everyone. Her classmates used to mock her for her long legs and her height, and make remarks that she was always in the back in the classroom because she was ugly. To mask her feelings of hatred, she uses a cheerful façade on the outside. She convinces Yamato to model and does other things troubling to his and Mei's relationship. She develops deep feelings of betrayal, her hatred forcing her into a depression. When Yamato and Megu's childhood friend, Momo, come to her house after hearing that her modeling agency is worried about her, Megu-tan tells them that nobody needs her. She's tired of being called names and having her best being 'not enough.' She becomes very upset, and Yamato tries to comfort her. But it's Momo who finally gets her to calm down, reminding her that she has always been there for her. Later, Megu-tan becomes more at peace and cuts her hair shorter. She learns not to care what people think.