Megumi Morisato


Keiichi's younger sister. She attends the Nekomi Institute of Technology (NIT), like Keiichi, as an engineering student. Megumi is also a very skilled mechanic and even went against Skuld in a robot construction contest (the result was a draw). In the manga, she is shown to be a very skilled motorcycle driver, although she claims that Keiichi and Belldandy are better than she is. It is hinted in the OVA that she joins the Motor Club, but in the manga, the movie, and the TV series, she is actually a member of the softball club. In the manga, she also becomes the "queen" (a title she seemingly hates, but lives up to anyway) of the bike racers in the local touge after she consistently beats the previous queen while on her way to school. In the movie, Keiichi also refers to her as "The Queen of Drag Racing." Recently in the Manga she has reappeared at the temple drunk, only to drop crying into Keiichi after being dumped for the third time, after her former boyfriends could not keep up with pressure of dating a local celebrity. This echoes when Sayoko Mishima appeared drunk near the temple after being abandoned by everyone in favor of Belldandy, then falling into Keiichi's arms and confessing her problems. Generally, Megumi acts like a teenager, albeit with a mature attitude about things. However, she can still descend into a far more childish temperament of silly remarks and competition. Her primary concern seems to be advancing in life, although she isn't obsessive about it. This manifests more as a desire to work, and she apparently holds a number of club positions at her college. Belldandy has remarked that she sees a similarity between Megumi and Skuld and that she would like to see Skuld learn some things from Megumi. She also seems to have trouble coping with rejection, as well as a borderline alcoholic, as currently seen when she was rejected for the third time in a row. This trait of consuming alcohol in large quantities seems to be a trait she seems to share with Sayoko Mishima. Megumi also exhibits a certain degree of protectiveness towards Keiichi, although this tends to manifest as teasing. Finally, although she won't admit it, Megumi has a strong respect for Keiichi and Belldandy's mechanical skills. Megumi is presently unaware of the "goddess" status of Belldandy or her two sisters. (Source: Wikipedia)