Megumu Hanemura


A kind boy that meets Yoshino in a train station. He is your average freeter who's a little timid and unreliable. Was recently dumped by his girlfriend, "Yu-chan". The self-proclaimed Mage of Exodus/Magician of Zetsuen. He wants to destroy the Tree of Beginnings in order to impress Yu-chan, Mahiro laughed at him for this. In return, Hanemura is the only person who has expressed how obsessive Mahiro is regarding Aika and made him realize that he loved her. He is currently weaker than Hakaze but he's training with Mahiro and Junichiro as his instructors. He's been destroying trees publicly under a superhero costume designed by Hayakawa and approved by Samon, although this has been interfered sometimes by Hakaze (who also wears a costume during these events) and have fought each other. After discovering the cause of Aika's death, he is the only who appears sad and gets angry towards the indifference shown by Mahiro and Yoshino. He punched both of them for that. Despite Mahiro's bullying and their constant arguments, Hanemura has formed a solid friendship with him and Mahiro has recently acknowledged his strength. He defeated the Tree of Genesis with the help of Evangeline Yamamoto and the Kusaribe clan. In the final chapter he returned with Yuu-chan and presents her to Mahiro, Yoshino and Hakaze. (Source: