Mei was Meow's childhood friend, whose father had died after Meow had left China. Having to struggle to survive, Mei is now a wealthy woman. However, her wealth is based on the sale of what is called 'dream incense'... opium.
Sadly, it was this obsession of obtaining wealth this way which led to the following events: Meow had heard that Mei had a business in another town. The two had met and Mei invited Meow and Ran to dinner. But during dinner, an addicted samurai had broken onto the estate and tried to steal opium. It was then that Ran and Meow had found out about Mei's true business. Mei had sent her servants to kill the two, but Ran and Meow prevailed. Meow then fought her friend, during which she burned the opium stash.
Enraged, Mei continued to fight Meow, but was stabbed from behind by the addicted samurai. Alarmed, Meow rushed to her friends side after beating back the samurai, where she held Mei as she died.