The host to an innocence fragment that resides in a crystal ball, her ability is to predict the future. Allen and co first met her in China on their mission to find Marshall Cross. Mei-ling was afraid of her power when her innocence activated whilst telling the fortune of one of the townspeople, she became afraid of touching her crystal ball after and refused to tell fortunes ever again. Her grandfather, concerned for her sanity, both decided to throw the crystal ball into the lake, her innocence fragment became berserk and caused the water to recede which causing a drought throughout the town. At first she was afraid of becoming an exorcist because she foresaw her own future full of blood and violence. However when she learnt of her power with the help of Lenalee, she decided to become an exorcist to protect her friends. When Mei-Ling uses her power she becomes increasingly tired. Lulu Bell took advantage of this weakness and destroyed her innocence on her way to meet up with a Finder.