The second to leave the Befort Children's group, although she leaves because she loses her memories. It was inevitable that she would grow weaker after Palza's departure, and one reincarnation later (when Palza, as Conrad, is much older than she), she starts forgetting who everyone is. This is when Dumas finds them standing over the deceased Serafine (Tina's incarnation) and, because she refuses to escape with people she can't remember, Mel is captured by one of Dumas' men. When the events of Fantastic Children take place she has been reincarnated as Dr. Gherta Hawksbee of the GED organization, which uses both Conrad's and the scientists from Greecia's findings. Though Conrad died long before Gherta's time, she feels attracted to the idea of him because she was Mel and he was Palza and that bond hasn't gone away. (Source:Wikipedia)