Mero Furuya

降谷 萌路

Age: 12 years old Height: 144 cm Class: First Year Middle School Student Chihiro's 12-year-old little sister. She likes to dress as a ghost and is quite expressionless. Despite this, she loves her brother very much and often teases him. When Furuya was bedridden due to Rea's attack at the festival, she is seen in a frenzy due to her brother's state. At the night of the barbeque, she teases her brother and sets up a test of courage in the forest. She partners up with Rea and explains that having watched Furuya for 12 years, she's relieved he found Rea. It is strongly hinted that her and Chihiro's mother was a zombie, and that she had to abandon them out of fear of eating them out of love.