Meru Otonashi

音無 芽留

Also Known As:

  • MeruMeru

A very shy girl who does not talk and only communicates via text messaging on her cell phone; she is notably and viciously abusive in her e-mails. Her family name, Otonashi, means "soundless", and her given name derives from the loan word "mail". Her e-mail address is "hazukashigariyasan", which means "full of shyness". She is called "MeruMeru" by her father. Aside from a few weak sounds and squeaks, she is essentially mute, and any attempt to speak will cause her to uncontrollably sputter in a horrific language. Her family also seems ridiculously rich, as her father is able to set up an audition for people to try and dub her voice in real time. In the anime, her voice actress changes every episode and is chosen at random, and is credited with, at most, a short sequence of nonsense characters with the exception of episode six of Zoku, where she is voiced by Chiwa Saito.