Metal Bat


Race: Human Gender: Male Abilities: Weapons, Fighting Spirit Occupation: Superhero Level: S-Class; Rank: 15 Affiliation: Heroes Association Debut: Chapter 29 Appearance: Metal Bat resembles a typical japanese bancho delinquent who sports a pompadour. His eyes and brows greatly emphasize his hot temper. Personality: He appears to have a great deal of confidence in himself stating that he did not care whether a threat is a Demon or Dragon level, he would take care of it himself. He also seems to be brash and reckless, as shown when he immediately smashed one of Melzalgald's marbles instead of trying to analyze what purpose it serves for the enemy. The way he speaks is like of a pirate accent, pronouncing "yer" instead of "your" for example. He cares greatly about his sister, being angry that he had to miss her piano recital for a meeting. (Source: One Punch-Man Wikia)