Mez is a member of the Four Kouken Temple Rakshasa demons, who serve as the Prime Minister's squad of executioners. She has similar abilities to the other Rakshasa demons. She can freely control her body such as extending her arms and fingers, controlling her sweat, etc. She is very easygoing even in combat. She is impressed by the death of her comrade and disappointed by the seemingly easy death of Rabac. Her personality does not seem to change much even when her own life is in danger even going so far as to respond to Rabac's flirting. She also did not seem scared about dying or killing others, noting that as assassins it came with the territory. In Chapter 36, Lubbock threw two throwing knives at her, which she managed to dodge with ease. However, Lubbock had this planned and attached threads to the knives before throwing them, so that he could reel them back in and stab her from behind with the returning knives. Mez died when she got hit in the back by both returning knives. (Source: Akame ga Kill Wikia)