Michael Grant

Michael is an American who becomes a transfer student to Toryo High School. He learned how to speak fluent Japanese by watching ninja and samurai movies as he grew up. At first, he is a joy to watch. He is fascinated with anything Japanese and he loves the rotating sushi bar. When he first arrives in Japan, he is greeted in a very warm way by Miki who thinks that it is Yuu at the door (Michael is blonde with blue eyes, after all). Michael's father and Youji are business associates so Youji invites Michael to stay with them and go to school in Japan. That means that Michael is living with Miki and Yuu! This really throws Miki off. As the series progresses, it becomes obvious that Michael has fallen big time for Miki and he is completely oblivious to Miki and Yuu's relationship until episode 53 when he catches Miki and Yuu kissing. All this time he thought that they had the typical step-brother/sister thing going on (there is no such thing as step-siblings in Japan). After Yuu goes to America to school, Michael finds a new rival in Kei. Michael's jealousy becomes doubled when he realizes that Kei has a hand up on him with his music. He knows that Miki likes to listen to it. Michael really becomes pushy when he gets a call from Brian, his brother, who tells him that right after Yuu got to America, he made a new girlfriend. This isn't true but Brian really believes that it is. Michael is so mad at Yuu for betraying Miki that he barges into her room and kisses her very soundly on the lips. He apologizes and tells her why he did it. He also asks her to see him as a man, not a brother. Michael starts to think more as the series progresses but it is obvious that Miki will always think of him as a younger brother, nothing more. After he loses to Kei, he tries to make Miki and Kei stay together when Yuu comes home. In episode 70, Michael tells Kei that if he loses Miki to Yuu that he will know how he (Michael) feels. He tells Kei to do his best. In the last episode, which takes place after Yuu and Miki's graduation, Miki comments that Michael seems much more grown-up.