Midori acts as a "professional victim" in a business that is run by her partner Adamas where anyone that can defeat her will win a reward. She was once a PK whose skill was so great even Sakaki and a band of over 20 followers were no match against her,but gave up PKing after many meetings with Adamas. However, she is more famously known as the first person to survive an attack from Tri-Edge(Azure Flame Kite) whom she wishes to meet again,but unlike Haseo she has no ill will towards him. In truth Midori does not exist offline,having originally been a virtual cell created from a sickly girl named Midori Shimomura who has an unknown illness that is slowly causing her body to shut down. When Midori was "born" she was able to escape into the network at some point and managed to enter The World unaware of her origins.