Midori Takamine

高峯 翠

Unit: RYUSEITAI Age: 16 Club: Basketball Club The tallest among the first years, Midori is blessed with good looks and physique, but has no confidence and is a bit timid. He often makes inappropriate remarks and rants. Formal and honorific speech is his weakness. His reason for choosing the academy is because it's close to his home. His house is the greengrocer in the shopping district located beside the academy. He actually wasn't intending to become an idol; he just entered the "idol course" by mistake. He sees RYUSEITAI leader Chiaki Morisawa's energy as overly hot-blooded and stifling. When he's depressed, he goes to see the ocean with fellow RYUSEITAI member, Kanata Shinkai. Bad with horror and thrill rides. (Source: Ensemble Stars! Wikia)