Miguel Soldano


Age: 58 Occupation: Scientist Soldano is the eccentric creator behind the Dorothy androids. Funded by Timothy Wayneright, Soldano was instructed to create as close to an exact replica of Wayneright's deceased daughter, Dorothy. As reclusive as he is brilliant, Soldano contacts Roger Smith to help negotiate the safe return of his beloved creations, Dorothy 1 and Dorothy 2, from a group of criminals who kidnapped them in hopes of a ransom. Passionate about his work, Soldano's whole focus in life was to create androids that related to humans as closely as possible. A master of technology and innovation in light of the consequences of "The Event", Soldano was steps beyond even the most knowledgeable scientists and researchers in Paradigm City. Obsessive over his work to a fault, Soldano was controlled by his research and designs for androids. Successful in creating a working android replica of Dorothy Wayneright, Soldano created the first Megadeus that Big O has to quarrel with, Dorothy 1. Mysteriously killed by an unknown assassin during Roger's first case, Soldano perhaps took to his grave the knowledge he had of Megadeus theory and android creation. Who would murder a scientist except for someone who felt threatened by his knowledge? (Source: Paradigm-City.com)