Mihai Mihaeroff


A retired assassin with a comical bad sense of direction. Despite being considerably older than the rest of the cast he retains a muscular build with scruffy facial hair and scars all over his body. Due to his years of experience as a gangster he remains calm under pressure. He has a long-standing friendship with Kiri, the owner of the local restaurant and former prostitute. Although it is unknown if they previously had sexual relations they remain firm friends. Ten years prior to the start of the story he was a hired gun for a mobster and became mentor to the boss' son, a psychologically disturbed young man named Ian. At that time Mihai was romantically involved with a prostitute named Milena, but the relationship ended when Ian grew into his teens and brutally murdered her after intercourse. During the story of Dogs, Mihai has confronted Ian and failed to protect him during an assassination attempt. He has since aided Bad� escape from gangsters, and in recent chapters he is protecting the passengers of a derailed train from the advancing army of unknown assassins, while trapped in an underground tunnel.