Miho Azuki

亜豆 美保

Also Known As:

  • Amame
  • Azukyun

Age: 14 (debut), 24 (end) Birthdate: November 5, 1993 Blood Type: B Height: 162cm Weight: 44kg Azuki is Mashiro's classmate. Her dream is to be a voice actor. She agreed to marry Mashiro when both of their dreams come true. However, she also told him that in the mean time, they should not have any distractions so they will contact each other only through emails. Her best friend is Kaya Miyoshi. Although her outer image is shy, she is a very mysterious girl. It is sometimes hard to know what she is thinking about. After securing her role as the main heroine in Ashirogi Muto's "Reversi," she finally receives a proper marriage proposal from Mashiro, which she accepts. They begin living in her old house which Mashiro purchased and are married following Ashirogi Muto's next serialization.