Mihoko Fukuji

福路 美穂子

Also Known As:

  • Captain

A third year student serving as the Captain of the Kazekoshi Mahjong Club as well as being the team's ace player. She has a very kind nature, being nice to everyone she meets regardless of who they may be; her kindness extends even to the point where she offers Yuuki, an opposing player from the contending school team, Kiyosumi, her bento so that she would calm down. She even becomes very teary when her teammates help her out, as she feels that it was her fault that her teammates had to work in her place because it was her responsibility. She has been revealed to be very ineffective when working with technology. She keeps her right eye closed to hide her heterochromia from others; while her left eye is reddish-gold, her right eye is actually sapphire blue. She never opens her right eye unless confronted with a dire situation during a Mahjong game. With both eyes open, she is shown to able to have better perception skills during the game, comprehending her fellow player's discards and figuring out their gameplan. She appears overwhelming to her opponents when both eyes are open, intimidating them and causing them to avoid confrontation. She appears to be familiar with Takei Hisa, recognizing her despite her name change as they had previously met at a tournament three years prior to the present plot. Due to her talent, she unknowingly kept her right eye open the whole time and when she tried to hide it, Hisa complemented her instead, stating that her right eye was "pretty". This caused her to admire Hisa even to present day.