Introduced as the general of the "Lions of the Mountain." It is later revealed that he is Shirayuki's father. Mukaze tells Shirayuki that he was once a noble from the west side of the kingdom but was exiled for stealing back Shirayuki's mother, at the time his future bride, from his uncle because of his love for her. After running, they are taken in by the Lions of the Mountain, where Shirayuki is born. Mukaze tells Shirayuki she inherited her mother's apple red hair. A few years after Shirayuki's birth, her mother passes away. Her father takes her to her grandparents knowing his work is no place to raise a child and that her red hair would attract too much attention. He tells her grandparents to raise her to think that he is dead, but they eventually tell her he is alive and points him out to her when he came to their bar once. When Zen confesses that he is in love with his daughter, he disapproves but only jokingly. Mukaze lets Shirayuki stay in Clarines knowing his daughter is in good hands and is working hard towards her future.