Mikiya Awakusu

粟楠 幹彌

Dougen's son and the current Young Head of Awakusu-kai. Although he is only Dougen's second son, Mikiya is the de facto first successor to Awakusu Dougen since his older brother decided to pursue a non-yakuza career. In a world where it is becoming rare for the leadership positions of yakuza organizations to be passed on from father to son, Mikiya is described as keen on following in his father's footsteps. Lacking in achievements on his own, he is seen by rival organizations as the "weakest link" in Awakusu-kai. While Shiki seem loyal to him so far, he is resented within Awakusu-kai by members like Aozaki who do not think he's qualified to succeed Dougen as the head of Awakusu-kai. (Source: Verbose Playground)