Mikoto Kondou

近堂 水琴

Natsuru's childhood friend who only recently reunited with him due to her father being an archaeologist who lives abroad, a way of live that already made her think little of doing things others would consider far too dangerous. Although having too much pride to explicitly admit, she has feelings for Natsuru and is more than a bit bothered by the presence of a girl with the same name as his (who in reality is Natsuru in his Kämpfer form). Even after the misunderstanding is later cleared up, the advances made by Akane and Shizuku on Natsuru (Mikoto apparently does not believe Kaede would reciprocate his feelings) subsequently makes her even more nervous about her chance with him as well. When she was seeing Miss Seitetsu contest of the school festival, she caught a bouquet that Kaede tossed with a Messenger hidden in it, consequently being turned into a Schwert-type Red Kämpfer armed with a katana. Her love for curry is to the point of cooking and consuming it for every meal. (Source: Wikipedia)