Mikoto Shinozaki

篠崎 ミコト

Also Known As:

  • Chibisuke

Age: 15 Height: 160 cm Weight: 50 kg The main protagonist of the series, 1st year student and the third member of the schools cycling club. Originally living a quiet boring life and getting bullied daily by the upperclassmen. Until one day when Yuki Fukazawa asks him to join the schools cycling club. Though he rejects this proposal at first as he, due to a childhood trauma he has forgotten, finds bicycles to be scary and thus he also doesn't remember how to ride one. But wanting to impress Yuki he tries to train in secret and during this (short) time he starts to actually like bicycles. One thing leading to the other he ends up joining the club in the end and vows to become the greatest cyclist in the world. Yousuke, seeing the potential in Mikoto, happily accepts him after letting him take a little test. Kouichi on the other hand is a bit reluctant given Mikoto's natural clumsiness and his weak look. Though he changes his mind after seeing Mikoto actually riding the bicycle. Through much hard work he has gained the respect of his teammates and from Yuki. Days before the race Mikoto was not sure he was able to go though with it, but after receiving a video of an actual race from Terao he became anxious to begin. During the course of the race he has proved to be a strong competitor even after little training. Showing he is more than capable of competing with Naoto, (considered to be one of Japan's best cyclist) Mikoto got second to Naoto in the sprinting stage. Mikoto is dead tired since he does not have the same experience as the others in a race since this is his first one. Wanting to break him Naoto breaks away at the mountain stage, Yousuke, not wanting to lose breaks, with him and Terao does as well. Yamato, who had stopped earlier, catches up to Mikoto. Yamato says some things to him and leaves him behind. The fans impressed by Mikoto (an unknown) begin to embrace him by calling his name much to the surprise of Yuki and his family. Mikoto hearing this gets a second wind and charges up the mountain to catch up to the leaders. Everybody at the front can not believe what they see as Mikoto charges up to them and changes gear (to everybody's surprise because he was pedaling at a high rate in such a big gear). Refusing to give up Mikoto charges ahead and wins King of the mountain stage. Now really tired Mikoto has started to slowly pedal but is embraced by fans and teammates alike for something so amazing. (Source: Wikipedia)