Milo Scorpio


Age: 20 Birthday: November 8 Nationality: Greece Height: 185cm Weight: 84 kg Blood type: B Scorpio Milo is one of the Gold Saints. He is the guardian of the 8th House in the Sanctuary, the Scorpio Temple. A man of honor, of immaculate conduct and with immense fervor for Athena, Milo was regarded along with Leo Aiolia, as the pride of Sanctuary. As a Gold Saint, he was loyal to Athena, and thus he was obedient to the false Pope of Sanctuary, not without harboring suspicion about his legitimacy. During the conflict of the twelve temples, Milo first opposed the Bronze Saints' insurrection, as the Pope Saga tricked him into deeming them traitors and regarding Saori Kido a usurper of Athena's name. He is engaged in a fierce duel by Cygnus Hy�ga, the battle becoming so intense, Milo is forced to use his killing strike Antares, for the very first time, on Hy�ga. Moribund, Hy�ga crawls desperately to try to save the wounded Saori's life. Milo is shocked by Hy�ga's determination and loyalty, and realizes that they can come only from devotion to the true Athena, and neutralizes Antares' effects to save Hy�ga's life, and confirms his suspicions. After the defeat of Saga, Milo pledges loyalty to Saori Kido as he recognized her as the true Athena. During the holy war against Poseidon, Milo was eager to invade the Submarine Temple to join the battle against the god's Marina Generals and save the Bronze Saints' lives, being restrained from doing so by Aries Mu, since the Gold Saints were to be a crucial asset in the upcoming war against Hades, which broke out within mere weeks. In the war against Hades, Milo protects Athena and subjects Gemini Kanon to a tortuous trial to prove his devotion to the goddess, and recognizes him as a true Gold Saint. Later on, Milo is defeated by Wyvern Rhadamanthys and thrown into the Cocytos prison. In the climax of the battle, Milo is revitalized by Athena's Cosmo, and offers his life along his Gold Saint comrades in the final sacrifice to pierce the impervious Wailing Wall.