Mimori Unyuu


Also Known As:

  • Mimorin

Age: 17 Birthdate: May 20, 1992 Gender: female Blood Type: B Height: 154 cm Weight: 49 kg Bust: 89 cm Bra size: G-cup School: Kaimei High School Class: 2-F (chapters 1-209), 3-C (chapters 210-present) Affiliation: Student Council Relatives: Rintarou Unyuu (father) She is the former treasurer and current vice-president of the Kaimei High School Student Council. Mimori comes across as a rather flighty young woman. She is almost always smiling and also seems a bit bad at reading the atmosphere. As she is from a very wealthy family, she often tries to solve problems using money. She honestly doesn't believe it to be showing off, however, and thinks it perfectly normal to completely refurnish the girls' restrooms, draw lots using solid gold sticks, and refurnish walls with gold plating. Despite her frivolous use of money, Mimori is still very polite and possibly the only main character who speaks using keigo. (Source: Sket Dance Wikia)