An Indian DigiDestined and the only known Indian DigiDestined. Her Digimon partner is Meramon. She attempted to lead the Digimon she gathered in India to cross the border into China but was hindered by the Chinese Army, who think that the Digimon are hostile. She calls Izzy and Kari for help. The Oldest Poi Brother has his Octomon convince the Chinese Amry that the Digimon mean no harm and she and the Digimon she found are allowed entrance to China. She brings them to Kowloon Park where Kari sends them back to the Digital World. The act of Kari sending them back shocks Mina. Like all the DigiDestined, she makes her last appearance, helping the fight against MaloMyotismon and stands behind Mimi when the DigiDestined arrive in the Digital World. source: http://digimon.wikia.com/wiki/Mina#Other_DigiDestined